Danny and Dana

Danny and Dana

Dana & Danny

Danny and Dana were married in a beautiful outdoor venue in Calgary, Alberta. They had a “all white” theme for their wedding flowers, with a couple variety of white flowers to add in texture and interest to their arrangements. For their table arrangements they were minimalist and sleek… laying out eucalyptus on white cheesecloth – a super affordable and classy way to do arrangements!

If you want to do a wedding floral theme like Dana and Danny but aren’t sure how to go about it…don’t hesitate to reach out – my email is hello@youfloral.ca



Their Recipe:

  • Eucalyptus – Silver Dollar × 9
  • Eucalyptus – Seeded × 2
  • White Carnation – Mini × 1
  • White Roses – Spray × 1
  • White Roses – Standard × 2 bunches
  • White Garden Roses × 1

Their Google Review

I ordered flowers for my wedding and the quality exceeded my expectations! I ordered a variety of greenery, roses, garden roses and carnations. Sarah was accommodating in making a special order for me as I was looking for a color not typically available. The bunches of greenery are very generous – we had more than enough to work with! Would highly recommend.

Photos by Blair Marie Photography

Real Weddings – Jovi & James

Real Weddings – Jovi & James

Jovi & James

Jovi and James had that type of wedding that you just KNOW was fun. They chose to go with a white and green color scheme… the bridal bouquets had salal, babies breath, baby blue eucalyptus, and ruscus. In the bridal bouquet Jovi had the same recipe, but added in some white lisianthus and spray roses.

As every boho bride knows, pampas grass is a MUST HAVE if you’re thinking of going this vibe. The couple made a gorgeous piece that they hung from their wooden arch. Pampas grass is such a great fad, I hope it stays around forever… the fact that it’s so long lasting makes it so great for weddings…you can design with it well in advance, and easily sell it to another couple after you’re done with it!

We hope sharing these images helps give you some inspo for your own wedding, and give you the confidence that you can indeed arrange your own flowers, and excel at it!

If you need any help figuring out your recipe for your own DIY wedding or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch, I can be reached at hello@youfloral.ca



Photos by https://www.janinerosephotography.com/

Real Weddings – Alyssa & Curtis

Real Weddings – Alyssa & Curtis

Alyssa & Curtis

Location of wedding:

Why DIY:

It was an attempt to save some money,  but I didn’t expect the process to be as enjoyable as it was. I was blown away by the selection, and the uniqueness of the flowers available. We made a night of assembling the bouquets and boutonnieres – it was my 2 bridesmaids, the moms and I. We watched youtube videos on how to assemble, drank wine, made dinner and put together the flowers, it was great!

Tips for others who want to DIY:

  • If you are selecting your florals manually, I’d suggest filling your cart and waiting a day or two before you order. I swapped out smaller accent flowers and the colors of larger flowers a few times before deciding on a final order
  • Refer to an inspiration board and take note of flowers, accents and greens they used
  • Watch the product videos on the website – it was very helpful to see the greenery and flowers from different angles/their size compared to a person

Theme of our wedding:

We were going for something earthy, a touch boho, but ultimately pretty simple. I think Curtis would have been happy with anything. The earthy tones, wood and gold accents looked amazing and we were really happy with how it turned out. The theme of our wedding was more about bringing our favourite people together after so long of being apart.

Their Recipe:

Anenome – White Panda × 1,  (ten stem bu)

Matricaria (chamomile) × 1,

Orange Ranunculus × 1,  (ten stem bu)

Green Eryngium × 1,

Burgundy Astrantia × 1,  (ten stem bu)

White Scabiosa × 1,  (ten stem bu)

Mrytal × 2,

Ruscus – Italian × 9,

Weeping Podocarpus × 2,

Indigo Veronica × 1 (ten stem bu)

Last note:

A wedding day is a lot for the bride and groom – is it the best day of your life or is it just another day, what emotions are going to come up, you hope it ultimately leads to a long and happy life together. After experiencing it, my advice is likely similar to a lot of others so take what you need if anything at all-
Feel your feelings fully and in the moment. Enjoy everything as it comes – don’t think too hard about what it is and what it isn’t because as Ferris Bueller would say, “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Four Awesome Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Four Awesome Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Four Awesome Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

diy wedding arbour flowers
Traditionally, flowers are an important part of every wedding ceremony. Other than the wedding dress, they’re one of the most photographed items at a wedding, and the majority of your photographs will be of you holding your flower bouquet. That is why special attention should be paid to the choice of flowers.

In this blog we are going to talk about four easy steps you can take to ensure that your flowers are beautiful, reflect your personality, and tie in with the venue. 

They are two different ways to go about creating your floral vision; both will make your venue look beautiful and enhance the overall decor, which option works best for you is simply a matter of preference! 

  1. You can get a florist who will supply the flowers and you make the arrangements yourself. If you’re thinking of going this route, check out our DIY wedding floral package and have some fun while assembling our gorgeous fresh flowers  into stunning wedding arrangements!
  2. You can hire a floral designer who will execute your vision and do all the creative work.This method is less effort, but will cost substantially more than doing the work yourself.

Work around the season your wedding takes place in

DIY flowersFloristry by: Freewill Field & Flower

Some may argue that the season doesn’t matter since anything and everything can be imported these days. While that is indeed true, flowers that are flown half way across the globe are a lot more expensive than ones sourced locally. Peonies in December may be theoretically possible…but it’ll cost a pretty penny!

Flowers will usually take 8% of your wedding budget; try not to strain it by focussing too heavily on out of season flowers that need importing. 

Do your research

spray rosesPhoto by: Alicia Hoogveld Photography

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. You want everything to be perfect, and this can be overwhelming. To make sure you cover everything, it’s best to make a list of all the important things that you shouldn’t miss on your wedding day. One of those things is making sure that your flowers look gorgeous!

Check Pinterest for ideas, talk to other couples to see what they did for their weddings, and speak to florists and floral designers. Buy flower and bridal magazines and check what’s trendy and what will work for your budget. 

Don’t forget your venue

Floristry by: Freewill Field & Flower

Before you get caught up in roses and hydrangeas, don’t forget that your flowers need to work in the venue you book and fit the vibe. 

Three important tips for working with your venue are:

  1. Think about the vibe of the venue – For example, a flower arch made of sunflowers and pampas grass may work for a rustic outdoor wedding but might look out of place in a church setting. 
  2. Think about how large your space is. Too many flowers in a small room can make it seem even smaller and overwhelm guests, just as too few in a large room can look clumsy and out of place.
  3. Flowers aren’t limited to the bouquet you and your bridesmaids will be carrying. The venue’s decor, flowers, table arrangements, and possibly arch arrangements should all be in harmony. If you have muted tones in the arch and bridesmaid arrangements, it is best to keep that vibe throughout, and not switch to bright and vibrant colors on the table centerpieces. 

Make your bouquet the starting point

If you start with your bouquet, you can plan the bridesmaids’ bouquet, table centerpieces, and aisle markers around the colors reflected in the bride’s bouquet. It makes planning easier, and you can make sure that your whole theme comes together beautifully.

Lastly…Experiment and have fun!

With all that said, enjoy choosing flowers and planning for your arrangements, keep an open mind, and experiment with different combinations before picking what you want. And most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy and make beautiful memories on your wedding day!


Victoria & David

Victoria & David

Couple: David & Victoria
Location: Whonnock Hall in Maple Ridge, BC

David & Victoria had a beautiful whites and greens themed wedding in Spring 2022, I touched base with Victoria after to hear her thoughts on the day and her DIY experience with You Floral, she has some great advice I thought you guys might be interested in!

Thanks for reading!



Their Recipe:

  • Eucalyptus – Parvifolia x 3 bunches
  • Eucalyptus – Feather x 3 bunches
  • Eucalyptus – Silver Dollar x 3 bunches
  • Salal x 3 bunches
  • Ruscus – Italian x 3 bunches
  • Olive x 1 bunch
  • Eucalyptus – Seeded x 3 bunches
  • Babies Breath x 2 bunches
  • Cream Roses – Spray x 1 bunch
  • White Lisianthus x 1 bunch
  • Queen Anne’s Lace x 1 bunch
  • White Astrantia x 1 bunch
  • White Statice x 1 bunch
  • White/Cream Hypericum x 1 bunch
  • White Roses – Spray x 2 bunches
  • Pink (Quicksand) Roses – Standard x 1 bunch
  • White Ranunculus x 1 bunch

Reason For DIY’ing:

I love to create, even if I don’t know what I’m doing. For me, it was very special to get to choose the flowers and greenery, assemble, and carry them with me throughout the day. (And I was able to make a bouquet 3x the size compared to paying a professional). DIYing the flowers were a major highlight from the wedding planning experience.

My one regret:

Failing to ask for an estimate of quantity needed. I ended up with quite a few extra flowers, and could’ve saved a bit on that. We ended up making boutonnières with leftovers, but still had more.


Simply green – natural metals (brass and gold) and a lot of earth tones with greenery.


Photos by: @prestonwongphotography

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