Flower Design Types

Flower Design Types

Did you know that all florals can be divided into four groups? The main ones are texture flowers, accent, filler/volume, and line flowers. Scroll down to learn when and why to use each type in your DIY bouquet! Of course, these aren’t hard and fast rules… after all, flower arranging is an art!

Flower Design Types


  • Greenery supports and frames the entire bouquet.
  • You’ll want to include a fair amount of greenery (between 25% – 35% of your bouquet composition) to make sure your arrangement has lots of foundational support. If you’re making a large-scale arrangement (i.e. an arch), greenery is essential for structure, and then your blooms will just “nestle” between your bed of greenery.

ranunculus and roses


  • Texture flowers are meant to give depth and visual interest. With a petally focused bouquet (with lots of flowers like roses, carnations, and ranunculus)… the flowers can start to all blend together, so that’s where you’ll want to add in some texture to break up the clumps of petals and create visual interest!
  • Some examples of texture flowers include hypericum, eryngium, and astrantia.

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  • These are the “luxe” flowers, they are fancy and swanky and really “elevate” your arrangements. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, think of including these accent flowers in bridal bouquets only!
  • These blooms are usually the largest flows in the bouquet and they draw your eye, think of them as the showstoppers!
  • Some examples of accent flowers include: roses, sunflowers, ranunculus, and anemones.

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  • These blooms are the foundation of your design. They “fill” your bouquet, covering a large surface area, “set” your color palate, and are usually the cost-efficient portion of your bouquet. These aren’t the most showy of the flowers, but when paired with other flowers, they help the whole arrangement come together.
  • You can think of filler flowers as “filling” in the bouquet.
  • Some examples of filler/volume flowers include: alstromeria, babies breath, and limonium.

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  • Line flowers are generally tall flowers that have multiple blooms per stem.
  • These flowers add height to your bouquet or arrangement, they aren’t suitable for every design type, it depends what vibe you’re going for. We love using line flowers for big aisle marker arrangements, it really gives them size and makes them stand out.
  • Some examples of line flowers include: snapdragons, gladiolas, and stock.

If you have any questions or you’d like to book a design consultation (we can go through your Pinterest board and make up a tailored recipe with you!), feel free to reach out – we love helping make your DIY bouquet dreams come true!



DIY Tips – Storing Your Flowers

DIY Tips – Storing Your Flowers

Storing Your Flowers

Wondering what to do now that you’ve assembled your works of art? Obviously step one is to congratulate yourself, then step two is to post on insta (tag us @_youfloral)…. and now its time to think about where to put them until your big day! Depending on what you’ve made, you after-care instructions will differ a bit, keep reading to learn what to do!

 Boutonnieres, corsages, flower crowns

  • Find a tupperware container, line it with damp paper towel, put your items inside, and close the lids. Place everything in your fridge, at the warmest setting. If you keep fruits/veggies in the fridge, put them in sealed plastic bags – they emit gases that’ll make your flowers prematurely die!
  • Given that these items won’t have hydration, we suggest making them as close to your event as possible, the night before is ideal!

Vase arrangements

  • These are fantastic because they obviously have water with them. Make sure there is lots of water in the vase, no leaves underwater, and just keep these in a cool dry place – don’t refrigerate! You can make these two days before the event no problem.

Greenery on a table

  • If you’re loose laying greenery on the table, you can pre-cut the pieces in advance, just keep them in vases/buckets of water until you’re ready to use them. You can lay out the greenery the morning of your event, or even the night before – eucalyptus and ruscus are quite hardy, so they’ll be fine out of water. If its really hot out, the greenery will begin to dry out, if that’s not your vibe, then minimize the amount of time that the greenery is resting on the tables.
  • If you’re wiring the greenery into garlands, you can put the garlands into misted plastic bags (garbage bags are great), and then tie up the bag to keep everything damp. Keep the bag in a cool room, or put it in the refrigerator.

Wet foam (i.e. arch arrangements)

  • Keep an eye on the foam to make sure it stays damp; you can use your kitchen sink sprayer or garden hose to refresh the foam. Flowers don’t love being in foam, so try to minimize the time it’ll be chilling in it.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful, if you ever have questions drop us an email (hello@ or reach out on IG @_youfloral. Happy DIY’ing!



DIY Flower Bouquet

DIY Flower Bouquet

If you’re wondering how to make a bouquet…you’ve come to the right place! In this easy tutorial I’ll show you the in’s and out’s of making a beautiful table bouquet (or wedding centerpiece bouquet)!

Gather all your supplies

Step 1: Gather all your supplies

You’ll want to have:

  • Containers to put the blooms in
  • A bucket for compost/clippings
  • Pruners (scissors don’t work well – they crush the capillaries of the flowers)
  • Vase (mason jars work excellently)
  • Bulk flowers (we ship to a bunch of different locations in Canada!)

Get prepped up!

Step 2: Get prepped up!

Before you get started arranging, you’ll want to remove the extra greenery on the stems. Bulk flowers come with quite a few leaves on the stem, you’ll want to remove them… especially leaves that fall below the water line. Leaves under water start to mold, and make your bouquet expire sooner!

Cut the ends

Step 3: Cut the ends

As soon as you get the flowers, you’ll want to cut the ends… when flowers travel, they need a fresh cut to refresh them so they can uptake water. This is an important step, don’t forget it! Use pruners (not scissors!)

Start doing it!

Step 4: Start doing it!

The secret to arranging is to have differing heights and variety of flower types… we suggest having:

  • Greenery (we used eucalyptus)
  • Filler flowers (these ones use up space, and are generally cost effective. In this bouquet, the flowers we used were waxflower, mini carnations, and alstromeria)
  • Texture flowers (these add variety and visual interest, we used eryngium and hypericum)
  • Shabang flowers (these are the “luxe” ones, having these really up the ante in your bouquet – white panda anemone are the ones we used)

Keep Going

Step 5: Keep Going

Keep adding in flowers, keeping in mind to stagger the heights… we find its helpful to check out your arrangement from multiple angles, don’t want to have any bare spots!

Add water and change it often!

Step 6: Add water and change it often!

Make sure your flowers have clean fresh water (and no leaves are lurking in the water). Our number one tip to prolong bouquet life is to change out the water… every couple of days, dump out the old stuff and replenish – your flowers will thank you

Real Weddings – Susanne and Jeff

Real Weddings – Susanne and Jeff

The Couple: Susanne and Jeff
The Location: Canmore Alberta
The Date: September 2020

Susanne and Jeff Wedding

Susanne and Jeff are avid hikers and backpackers, so it was only suiting that their outdoor wedding was held in the rockies, in beautiful Canmore Alberta (just outside Calgary. Their wedding was so unique and so “them” and it incorporated eucalyptus all over – my fav kind of decor… smells amazing, and easy to do!

I chatted with Susanne and Jeff after the big day to find out how it all went, and I’m so happy they shared their gorgeous photos with me (and now all of you!)

Their wedding was supposed to include 150 guests but with covid restrictions they were only allowed to have 100 people for the ceremony and 44 people for the reception. It was a lot of last minute planning as they didn’t know what the restrictions would be as they changed biweekly. But thankfully it all worked out and their wedding was on September 26 2020.

I was curious about their wedding theme, when I asked about it… I learned that they hike all the time and have summitted 32 mountains (#majorgoals) including Mount Temple (which is the highest peak you can hike without any climbing gear in Alberta). They don’t just hike…. they also camp (they’re purists, tents – not trailers!) and they spend their vacations adventuring as well (in 2019 they did an epic 2 week roadtrip to explore all of Oregon, tenting the entire time).

I know you’re super curious where these beautiful photos were taken…. they’re from Rundle Forebay and Camp Chief Hector YMCA Camp… I def want to check those places out after seeing these photos.

Instead of their original honeymoon plan to New Zealand and Fiji they pivoted and instead went to Uculet and Tofino and learned to surf (SOOOOO cool!)
Now that you know this backstory… the whole wedding decor is right on theme! Thanks so much for reading along about this epic wilderness wedding, and thanks Susanne and Jeff for sharing all about it!


Their floral recipe:

Eucalyptus (feather) x 7 bunches
Eucalyptus (silver dollar) x 7 bunches)

Susanne and Jeff Wedding
Susanne and Jeff Wedding
Susanne and Jeff Wedding
Susanne and Jeff Wedding
Susanne and Jeff Wedding
Susanne and Jeff Wedding
Susanne and Jeff Wedding
Susanne and Jeff Wedding

Vendor Love:

Flowers @_youfloral
Photographer: Jenna Grey @im.jennagreyMakeup: Jenni @jennimakeupartist
Hair: Miranda Thomas @mslay_studio and @mslay.weddings
Dress: The Bridal Centre in Calgary and its a the style Morilee by Madeline Gardner

Eucalyptus 101

Eucalyptus 101

Eucalyptus is amazing for all many reasons, including  it’s beautiful aroma, color, appearance, and versatility. It can be used for its aesthetic appearance to decorate your home and the beautiful fragrance will keep your rooms smelling fresh. The great thing about eucalyptus is it’s versatility, whether fresh or dried, you’ll have many moments of enjoyment.

Eucalyptus 101

The wonderful about eucalyptus compared to flowers is its resilience. Long after a bouquet has to be sent to the compost pile, a bunch of eucalyptus can still be used as decoration or turned into anything from a wreath, to a wall hanging, or a natural dye.

I’m going to attempt to answer all your ‘burning’ eucalyptus questions, if you have more – leave in comments!

How long does it last out of water?

The average lifespan of a eucalyptus stem out of water is about 1-2 days, this makes it a fantastic choice for weddings – no worries about making a garland and leaving it!

How long does eucalyptus last?

It will stay fresh for about 3 weeks, depending on things like heat (it doesn’t like being in hot rooms), how often you change the water, and how often you cut the stems. To prolong its life you should change the water regularly, and cut the ends using pruning shears about once every 3-5 days. Dried eucalyptus will last forever!

Eucalyptus 101


Fresh eucalyptus has a vivid and vibrant scent (some varieties smell more than others – baby blue eucalyptus is the most fragrant) once it dries, it’ll lose the scent.


The natural fresh color is a muted sage green, and as it dries, the color fades to a deeper hue and takes on more of a ‘silver tone’. As time goes on, the coloration will continue to deepen.

Use in bouquets:

You can use both fresh and dried eucalyptus in bouquets, the fresh is easier to work with, given the flexibility of the stems. Once the eucalyptus is dried, the leaves and stems are more rigid, requiring a bit more finesse and care to avoid causing the leaves to break.

Eucalyptus 101

Use in showers:

Fresh eucalyptus is ideal for hanging inside your shower, the steam will release the essential oils, giving you a spa like experience! The best type to use is baby blue, as it has the most scent. Once you notice the scent dissipating and the leaves becoming rigid, remove them from your shower and compost – or put them in a vase for an everlasting bouquet.

Which ones smells the most?

The baby blue eucalyptus has the strongest scent, the others definently have a scent, but it is more subtle than the baby blue. You’ll notice that the scent is so pronounced with the baby blue, it’ll be on your hands just from handling it!

Eucalyptus 101

Types of Eucalyptus 

There are more than 700 species of eucalyptus!!! We carry silver dollar, baby blue, seeded, parvifolia, and willow.

Where does eucalyptus come from?

It is native to Australia, which is obviously very far away from us! Ours comes from California, and a fresh batches comes each week.

Eucalyptus 101

Whats the difference between the types?

  • Baby blue is the classic eucalyptus. It’s a tall single stem with outward branching stems up the whole stem. The fragrance is amazing and it dries really nicely.
  • Silver Dollar Eucalyptus is the classic wedding garland and bouquet choice. This one has those large, more round leaves that kind of bounce. You’ve probably seen large bouquets of this one for weddings (all over Pinterest!) and smaller stems in vases for home decor. I love to break up a large stem of silver dollar eucalyptus into smaller vases for different vignettes around the house and decor on open shelving.
  • Seeded Eucalyptus has larger stems (compared to the silver dollar eucalyptus) and can be broken down into smaller stems for little vases. It’s called seeded eucalyptus because of the seed pods. One thing I will note about this one is that the seeds are heavy, they have a tendency to “droop”, so you’ll need to cut them into smaller pieces or find flowers/other greenery to support them.
  • Willow eucalyptus had a delicate appearance with small long leaves. I really love the shape of this one! It has a “drooping” appearance, and it’s perfect as a space filler.
  • Parvifolia eucalyptus – Like all eucalyptuses, it’s extremely hardy and lasts a long time. The lightness of these leaves adds a unique feeling of up-lift to any floral arrangement you add them to. The great thing about this eucalyptus is how upright the stems are, no droop here! The semi-negative thing, the end levels can get a bit stanky, but just pick them off and boom- problem solved.

I hope you guys enjoyed learned about eucalyptus! Follow me on social media @_youfloral – I love connecting with you!



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