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Eucalyptus Garland DIY

Easy DIYs

With its beautiful lush greenery and soft green hue, eucalyptus garlands are the perfect tool to take your wedding, holiday, or event decor to the next level! This blog covers how easy it is to make a easy DIY eucalyptus garland.

This tutorial covers how to make a thick eucalyptus garland, if you're looking for a lighter look - you can for-go the wiring and just loosely place the eucalyptus on the table. If you use this method, you'll need about half as much eucalyptus. 

 Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

  • Pruners (scissors aren't sharp enough)
  • Thin gauge wire (20-24 guage)
  • Silver Dollar Eucalyptus (1 bunch per 4 foot length of table) (you can use other types of greenery, like salal, ruscus, or cedar)

eucalyptus and pruneres

Step 2: Prepare Greenery 

Cut the stems into even sizes, and combine 3-4 stems together into bunches.

silver dollar eucalyptus

Step 3: Assemble Bunches

Wire the bunches together, you don't need a lot of wire, just enough to ensure the branches stay together (wrap around about 4 - 5 times). The number of bunches you'll need to create depends on the length of your garland.  

eucalyptus garland

Step 4: Begin Creating Your Garland

Place the next bunch of greenery about 3-4 inches down from the first bunch, covering the stems of the first bunch. Attach the bunches together by wrapping with wire. Continue layering greenery bunches and securing with wire until garland has reached desired length. 

eucalyptus garland

Step 5: Finish

As you work downwards, you'll end up with the bottom of the stems showing. To cover this, turn the last greenery bunch the opposite direction and hide stems by tucking into the leaves of previous bunch, and then wire it in place. 

eucalyptus garland

Step 6: Add Embellishments

Add in any embellishments you want, seeded eucalyptus is a great addition, or you can add in flowers as well. If you're adding in flowers, add them last minute as flowers do best when in water!

eucalyptus garland

Step 7: Ta-da! You're Done!

Eucalyptus is super hardy and will last for weeks if its kept in water. If you're making it into a garland its ideal to make this garland as soon to your event as possible, the day before your event is ideal. Without water, the eucalyptus will begin to dry, but that is also a beautiful look as well!

: eucalyptus garland

Eucalyptus by
Photography by Whitney Earl Photography (

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    You made this seem so much easier than I thought it would be! 😍

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