Hydrangea SOS

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Hydrangea SOS

Hydrangeas are so gorgeous and huge – but they wilt so easily! All is not lost though if your hydrangeas decide to kick the bucket – you can revive them with these tips!

If you’re like me – you want to know the nuts and bolts behind things…why o’ why do these blooms do this! The answer lies in their stems. The woody stems have a sticky substance that clogs the stems, preventing water from reaching the blooms. As their name might hint at, hydrangeas need hydration!

To hopefully not get to the point of revival, follow these tips when you first get your hydrangeas.

  • Never cut the ends of your hydrangeas with scissors (or any flower for that matter), scissors aren’t sharp enough; they pinch the stems, reducing water uptake.
  • Trim the stems at an angle, and add a small slit at the bottom to help them suck up more water.

If you’ve done this and discover a bloom or two isn’t working with you… It’s time to revive!

Materials You Will Need:

  • Wilted hydrangeas
  • Hot water (almost boiling)
  • 2 vases/mason jars
  • Sharp knife/pruners


  1. Boil water, let it cool slightly, and then pour into a vase.
  2. Using scissors or pruners, cut the ends of the hydrangeas at a 45-degree angle. Then cut a small slit vertically up the middle of the newly trimmed stem.
  3. Place the hydrangea(s) in the vase filled with hot water for 30 seconds
  4. Put the blooms into a vase filled with room temperature water.
  5. If the blooms are not too old, within a couple of hours they will have completely revived. Occasionally, the revival process will take several hours.
  6. If you’re tried this and its worked (or hasn’t) – drop me a note below and tell me how it went!


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