Shipping & Recieving Questions


Do I have to be home to recieve my flowers?

No, you don't have to be home - however it is at the shippers discretion if they will leave them on your front porch, or if they will take them back to the depot. Its ideal if you can be home, the flowers need to be put in water ASAP, so leaving them waiting in a box may cause them to die.

Where do you ship to?

We ship directly to your house, anywhere in Calgary AB, and British Columbia - if you live within the city limits, if not, we offer pick-up at the courier depot

What time will my flowers arrive?

Usually your flowers will arrive around noon - but it really can be anytime between 9 and 5 pm on the arrival day. Its very important to process and hydrate your flowers as soon as you get them!

How does delivery work?

Delivery is overnight via courier, right to your doorstep (if you live within city limits)! Someone will need to be home to make sure the flowers get placed in water as soon as possible!

How much does shipping cost?

We have flat rates on shipping, depending where you are located.

  • Edmonton & Calgary - $49
  • British Columbia - $39


What supplies do I need?

  • To be ready for your DIY'ing, you'll need the following!
  1. Vases/mason jars
  2. Snips or Shears (scissors won't work)
  3. Buckets (tupperwear bins/buckets from hardware store/bathroom trash cans). You don't want to crowd your flowers or they will bruise, so make sure you have enough.
  4. Ribbon for bouquets.
  5. Pins (to affix ribbon)
  6. Boutstix (if you're making boutineers)
  7. Floral tape (to affix bouquets and also for boutineers)

When should I place my order?

We suggest you place your flower order at least 2 months prior to your event. Ordering in advance locks in current prices and improves availability changes.

The cut-off for orders is 3 weeks prior to your event. If you have a last minute request, contact us and we may be able to accommodate it - note that a 5% surcharge applies for last minute requests.

Can I order a greenery/flower that isn't on your website?

Contact us, we may be able to provide it!

Is there a minimum order?

No, however, note that flowers/greenery are sold in bunches, rather than individual stems

Do you offer arranging?

No - we cater to the DIY'er!

Terms & Conditions


It's important that you contact us within 24 hours of your delivery if there are any issues with the order order (i.e damaged flowers, major color discrepancies, or missing bunches) so we can rectify the situation - either by replacing the product in time for your event or issuing a refund . We cannot issue refunds for slight color variations. Photographs must accompany any claim, do not throw away the flowers until we instruct you to do so. Note that you're puchasing a wholesale product, so not every bud will be perfect and a loss of 5-10% or less is normal.


All cancellations must be emailed within 30 days of delivery by email ( You will be refunded the amount you paid minus a 15% processing fee.