Green Eryngium – 10 stem bunch

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Green Eryngium – 10 stem bunch


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Flower Details

  • Also known as Sea Holly, eryngium is an ornamental green thistle (don’t worry, its not pokey!) We sell a slew of varieties for Eryngium (e.g. blue lagoon, super nova, bluebell) So the product you will receive may look slightly different then our photo.
  • (Green Eryngium is not available in the Saskatoon area.)
  • Eryngiums add fabulous texture to floral designs, either used on their own (think small vase arrangements), or mixed with other flowers in bouquets and centrepieces. We love using them in boutineers due to their size and how hardy they are.
  • These blooms dry very well (note they shrink in size).
  • Occasionally green eryngium isn’t available, if that happens, we’ll contact you to see if the blue version is an acceptable sub!

Number of Stems:

  • 5-10 stems/bunch (It really depends on the overall size of each piece, so stem count varies)
  • Each stem has a spray of 2 to 5 primary blooms, and several possible smaller blooms.
  • Average bloom size is 1 to 3 inches.
  • Average cone size ranges from 1/4 in to 1 in.

Flower Design Type

Flower Care

For general flower care and unpacking instructions, visit our blog post here

Specific Flower Care

  • We suggest removing some of the leaves around the blooms if you’re not loving their appearance, they can sometimes hide the beauty of the thistle.
  • Separate blooms from the main stem to get the most out of your stems/maximize quantities.

Quantity Help

Recipes are made to be tweaked, but here is a general rule of thumb for quantities of thistle:

  • Bridal Bouquet: 1/3 bunch
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet: 1/4 bunch
  • Boutineers: 1 stem
  • Corsages: 1 stem
  • Centerpieces: 1/6 bunch
  • Large Arrangements: 1-2 bunches

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