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We’re so excited you decided to DIY! We have tons of resources and support to guide you on your journey. With our easy to use calculator, you can figure out the quantities of flowers and greenery you need to create the floral arrangements of your dreams. If our pre-created packages don’t work for you, you can always book a design consultation with us, or reach out by email to

We are so excited to see what you create!

How It Works

1. Select your color scheme

We’ve got a number of curated collections to choose from, or you can start from scratch on your own.

2. Select budget options

We have a budget option for the cost conscious event, or you can opt for the luxe option. Both will create stunning arrangement you’ll be proud to call your own.

3. Select the items to make

We’ve loaded up the most commonly created items for a DIY wedding or event, so you can visualize the number of arrangements you’re going to make.

4. Select your flowers and greenery

Our calculator will pre-populate a suggested recipe based on your inputs, and you can customize whether you want to swap out a flower or greenery for something that suits your vibe better.

5. Checkout

Your cart will fill with your beautiful blooms, ready for you to choose your desired delivery date!