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Girl Arranging Flowers

We want you to rock your DIY floral experience, so we’ve put together some tools to help you succeed! With a few friends lined up to help, and after watching these videos, you’ll be well equipped to create beautiful wedding arrangements for a fraction of the cost of a traditional florist.

Wondering what other couple’s arrangements look like? We’ve got blog posts showing you exactly what real DIY weddings look like!

If you love the idea of making your own DIY wedding flowers, but need a little help and guidance, we offer 1:1 design consults where we answer all your burning questions, and give you a recipe to make your beautiful wedding bouquets.

Carnations laying on table


Prepping Your Florals

Good prep is key to your success. Don’t be the one mad dashing to the dollar store to pickup extra vases on the morning of your wedding!

Rose 101 – Prepping Roses

Unpacking and Prepping Your Flowers

How to Wire Ranunculus

How to Use Floral Tape

Opening up Roses

Opening Up Carnations



Arranging Your Florals


Arranging Your Florals

Now the fun part – flexing your creative muscle and getting to work!


Making a Bouquet

Create a Mason Jar Centerpiece

Making A Fresh Flower Boutonniere

Making a Dried Flower arrangement
<h3> About Sarah F.</h3>

About Sarah F.

Sarah is the owner of You Floral based out of Victoria BC. She specializes in curating flower arrangements for life's most treasured moments. From weddings to celebrations she's widely recognized for her artistic floral selections and for providing DIY insights for many that love the idea of crafting their own bouquets.

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April & Spencer 

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