Fresh Flowers Delivery


Fresh Flowers

Whether you’re looking to DIY a wedding, anniversary, or just love being creative – we’ve got you covered!


Dried Florals

Breathe life into any home decor, or make a statement piece at your wedding. These dried lovelies last forever!

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What sets us apart from the others is that we ship your fresh flowers and greenery right to your doorstep, to most areas of Western Canada! Our lovely dried florals are available to ship all across Canada and the U.S.

Why Choose DIY?

Save Money

DIYing can be a fraction of the cost of traditional florists and frees up cash for other areas of your wedding budget! (Get that dream dress!)


The flowers come to you straight from the wholesaler, no sitting in the grocery store languishing away!


Enjoy the ease of having your flowers delivered right to your doorstep!


When you buy from us, you get quick responses, helpful advice, and you support a small business. We care about making your day perfect!
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Flower Design Types

Flower Design Types

Did you know that all florals can be divided into four groups? The main ones are texture flowers, accent, filler/volume, and line flowers. Scroll down to learn when and why to use each type in your DIY bouquet! Of course, these aren’t hard and fast rules… after all,...

DIY Tips – Storing Your Flowers

DIY Tips – Storing Your Flowers

Wondering what to do now that you've assembled your works of art? Obviously step one is to congratulate yourself, then step two is to post on insta (tag us @_youfloral).... and now its time to think about where to put them until your big day! Depending on what you've...

DIY Flower Bouquet

DIY Flower Bouquet

If you're wondering how to make a've come to the right place! In this easy tutorial I'll show you the in's and out's of making a beautiful table bouquet (or wedding centerpiece bouquet)! Step 1: Gather all your supplies You'll want to have: Containers to...

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