11 Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers

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Dreaming of gorgeous blooms for your wedding day but working within a budget? We’ve come up with 11 tips to make your floral vision a reality without breaking the bank.


1. Re-purpose and Re-use

There are so many ways to re-purpose your florals.

  • Use the florals from the ceremony to do double duty on the escort-card table or the bar.
  • Bridesmaid bouquets work great for reception tables.
  • Create bouquets in mason jars and place on shepherds hooks as aisle markers, and then move inside as table centerpieces


mason jar bouquet

Photo via mikoweddings.com


2. Go Minimalist

Place single-stem flowers, like roses, babies’ breath, or carnations, in slim bud holders. Arrange groups of vases at varying heights for a stylish effect


Babies breath vase



3. Incorporate Dried Florals

Dried florals can be expensive, there is a lot of labor involved with drying, but the awesome thing about them is they last forever! You can easily re-sell them, no worries about wilting.




dried florals

Photo via mylittlefabric.com


4. Swap Smartly

Certain flowers are more expensive than others (think carnations vs roses). Use the pricier blooms sparingly – your bridal bouquet is a good place to splurge, and use the less expensive florals in your bridesmaid bouquets. If you’re making an arch, this is a good spot to use budget blooms – from afar people won’t even be able to tell (plus, carnations truly are beautiful).





5. Go Thrifting

Vases can be expensive – check out thrift stores, miss-matching adds a sense of whimsy, plus it’s fun to hunt for treasure! Raiding grandmas cabinets for teapots or mason jars is another source for vases that don’t cost anything!


flowers in teapot



6. Take a Walk in the Woods

If you have a friend or family member that has property, take a wander through the woods; salal and ferns grow plentifully and are perfect to add into arrangements


foraging flowers


7. Down-scale

It goes without saying that the larger the arrangement, the more flowers it needs, therefore the higher cost. Think about buying smaller vases, or making your arrangements more compact, you can still get a similar vibe but spend less.


wedding centerpiece

Photo via theweddingshoppe.net


8. Go Green(ery)

Don’t underestimate the beauty of greenery in your bouquets. It’s cost-effective, takes up space, and adds a lot of size and texture to arrangements


eucalyptus bouquet

Photo via Style Layers


9. For-go Flowers on Tables

Greenery is gorgeous, long-lasting, and easy peasy – no worrying about wilting or designing. Using greenery on tables is elegant, beautiful, and affordable.


wedding party

Photo via mikoweddings.com


10. Share The Love

Flowers have a pretty decent lifespan (as long as they are kept in water). Try finding another couple with a wedding close to yours and share your florals. This especially works well if you have a eucalyptus-focused wedding – that stuff lasts forever! A tip here, organize these months in advance, it’s harder to find someone last minute to join in with you! I wouldn’t recommend sharing wedding party bouquets, since they’ll be out of water for quite a while when you’re photographing.


flower bouquet

Photo via dontwasteyourmoney.com


11. DIY!

Making your own bouquets and arrangements will save you a ton of moolah. Grab a few friends, a glass or two of wine, and have fun! If arranging bouquets feels a bit daunting, you can always opt to get a florist to make those, and just stick to making the centerpieces.

We typically recommend getting your flowers 3 days before and then arranging your flowers the day or two before the event.”

DIY bouquet making

Photo via https://amberleighphotography.com/


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