How To Use Quick Dip To Make Your Flowers Last Longer

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How to Use Quick Dip to Make Your Flowers Last Longer!

Having your flowers last a long time is obviously a desirable thing when you are DIY’ing your own wedding flowers! There are many old wives tales about how to keep your flowers lasting, from putting in pennies in the water, adding vinegar, and even adding bleach! I’m here to tell you about a proven and effective way to make sure your flowers stay healthy and last a long time by using Quick Dip!

What is Quick Dip?

Quick Dip is an instant hydration pretreatment solution used to maximize the uptake and keep flower stems free flowing.

What Flowers Should I Use Quick Dip On?

I use Quick Dip on flowers that commonly have problems with water uptake and could use a hydration boost. Examples are Queen annes Lace, tweedia, and hydrangea.

How Does Quick Dip Work?

  • Quick Dip is a hydrating solution that helps water flow up the stem
  • Flowers get nutrients and water through a capillary system, in a similar concept to drinking through a straw. The capillaries can become blocked or plugged by dirt or air. By using Quick Dip, the capillaries are cleared, allowing the water to reach the flower more efficiently and effectively.

How do I Use Quick Dip?

  • Pour a small amount of Quick Dip into a container (a yogurt container works well)
  • Remove foliage that will be below the solution level in container.
  • Re-cut flower stems 1 – 3” with a clean knife or pruners (no scissors, the scissors aren’t sharp enough and crush the capillaries).
  • Place stems in two inches of Quick Dip instant hydrating treatment for one second.

Why Should I Use Quick Dip?

  • Quick Dip helps flowers last longer by improving their ability to hydrate.

Do I Need To Mix Quick Dip with Water?

  • Nope! Quick Dip is ready to use and pre-mixed

Can I Use Quick Dip on All Flowers?

  • Yes! You can use Quick Dip on all types of flowers

What Do I Do With Extra Quick Dip?

  • Don’t put it in the original container, if you are going to use it again, keep it in a separate container with a lid (to keep out dirt/debris). You can only use the leftover Quick Dip for a couple days after, as it will have dirt in it from dipping your stems, and bacteria will start to grow.

Why Do Flowers Need to Be Hydrated?

  • Flowers are almost always transported from the wholesaler without water for a period of time. After that period, they need to rejuvenate and refresh their water system.

Do I Need To Recut the Stems Before Using Quick Dip?

  • Yes! Please recut the flower stems (using pruners not scissors) and remove about 1 inch (3 cm) to remove the callous that forms at the bottom of the stem. By doing this, the stem has a greater chance to have the water come up to the leaves and petals.

Is it essential to use Quick Dip?

  • Not at all, your flowers from You Floral are florist grade and shipped via courier directly to your house, so they are super fresh and will last a long time. The top things you can do to increase your flowers lifespan is:
    • cut the ends with pruners as soon as you get them
    • remove all foliage that falls within the water
    • refresh the water every 2 days
    • ensure your buckets/vases are clean

If you’re a visual person and want to see exactly how to use Quick Dip, I made a video below! Any questions, please get in touch 🙂


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