Ruscus – White

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Ruscus – White


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Dried Flower Details

This ruscus gives a boho feel to bouquets and arrangements. You can cut a singular piece into two, giving you more ‘bang for your buck’. Ruscus is also great in boutonnieres, it’s the perfect size for that purpose. Another great thing about ruscus is its maneuverability, you can manipulate and move the leaves to suit your arrangement.



  • Each bundle has 5 stems
  • 28-30” total length (71-76 cm)
  • 60 gram bunch


  • Color treated to obtain the white color (not a ‘pure’ white, more ‘off-white’/cream)


  • Per bundle


  • Vase not included

Dried Flower Care

  • Handle with care as dried flowers are fragile.
  • Store stems upright.
  • Keep stems out of direct sunlight.
  • Refrain from getting stems wet.
  • Ruscus has a tendency to become compressed while shipping, gentle tease at the leaves to get it back into shape
  • Dried flowers are low maintenance and require very little care. Gently shake off dust occasionally to keep looking beautiful!
  • Gently separate stems when unpacking, as delicate stems can be prone to breakage.


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