Anenome – White Panda – 10 stem bu

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Anenome – White Panda – 10 stem bu


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Flower Details

  • Similar in aesthetic to Oriental Poppies, white panda anemones add a stunning focal point to your bridal bouquet or whimsical table centrepieces.
  • Part of the beauty of these blooms is the subtle variation in shape and colour. Some petals will have a soft blush or lavender undertone.
  • The dark navy centers work as a blue or black accent and contrast beautifully with the soft, airy petals.
  • For a wild, boho or garden look, pair these with other flowers like thistle, garden roses, and scabiosa.
  • Every bloom is unique, some will be more open than others, and some will have a curvy stem – this is all natural and expected!
  • Some blooms will open up nice and big, and some will stay semi-closed.
  • These statement flowers work beautifully in eclectic bud vases on their own or with textural filler flowers and greenery.

Number of Stems

  • 10 stems per bunch

Flower Design Type

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Flower Care

For general flower care and unpacking instructions, visit our blog post here

Specific Flower Care

  • Anemones have a couple unique things about them that are worth mentioning, to ensure that they have a long and happy life!
  • Anenomes are delicate, so be careful with them while arranging, and store them in a small, dedicated vase while waiting for them to open up.
  • Choose a flared vase to allow the blooms to spread out. Ensure the vase or bucket you choose is less than 3/4 the height of your stems to avoid squishing the blooms.
  • The soft stems can be bent easily if held too tightly. Hold gently. If a stem happens to bend, use heavy-gauge floral wire and stem wrap to support the stem.
  • Anemones can open quite quickly if kept in warm temperatures. Keep cool, cut and put into cold water. Allow to sit out overnight at a warmer temperature the day before you need them to bloom.
  • Mature blooms may shed their dark pollen onto the white petals. Gently blow on the bloom to remove the pollen or use a pipe cleaner to very gently wipe it away.

Quantity Help

Recipes are made to be tweaked, but here is a general rule of thumb for quantities of anemone:

  • Bridal Bouquet: 1/3 bunch
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet: 1/4 bunch
  • Boutineers: N/A – too delicate
  • Corsages: 1 -2 stems
  • Centerpieces: 3-4 stems
  • Large Arrangements: 8- 10 stems

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