Shauna & Jason

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August Wedding By The Ocean

Shauna Jason


The Couple:

Shauna & Jason

The  Location:

Private property in Shirley BC (all outdoor)

The Date:

August 14, 2021

Q: What tips would you give to someone who wants to DIY their wedding flowers?

Have your vision with decor, color schemes and theme ready before you choose your flowers. Your flowers are what is going to pull the entire vision together. Give yourselves lots of time to put them together the day before and take care of them! And a touch of yellow mixed in your bouquet will bring out all the other main colors.

Q: Did you DIY anything else at your wedding?

Oh my gosh what didn’t we DIYWe rented tents, chairs, dinnerware, washrooms, we built our bar, arch, stage, signs, and all decor. We strung lights, set up the music and lights. We put together our own tapped bar, and while we brought in catering for our happy hour, our family members put on a full pig roast and smoked brisket dinner. Our entertainment was a combination of live music from friends and groomsmen, and music controlled by a friend of ours.

Q: What was the “theme” of your wedding?

We were going for an outdoor, rustic theme. A lot of wood features, greenery and simple floral.

Q: What was your favorite part about your wedding?

 That is so hard to pinpoint! Our ceremony was absolutely magical, it turned out exactly how I imagined. The forest backdrop, the beautiful arch, the wooden chairs for guests,.. we also hid a few Smirnoff Ice’s under some chairs for an extra “Iced” surprise! After the ceremony we headed down to French Beach Campground for our own happy hour and photos, which were amazing! A bumble bee joined us on the beach within my bouquet and stayed through the duration of the beach.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Know that everything won’t go exactly the way you want! Something is bound to go awry, if you have that in your mind you can roll with the punches the rest will be absolute magic. Soak every moment in! It is going to go by in a flash. Also DIY doesn’t mean cheaper or easier! It means you have total creative freedom to build your vision how and where you want.

Their Recipe:

  • Calla lilies (pink) x 1 bunch
  • Snapdragons (white) x 1 bunch
  • Snapdragons (pink) x 1 bunch
  • Pom pom mums (light purple/pink) x 2 bunches
  • Mums – large size (purple) x 1 bunch
  • Craspedia x 1 bunch
  • Rose pink pampas x 2 bunches
  • South American pampas grass x 2 bunches
  • Bunny tails (natural color) x 2 bunches
  • Ranunculus (pink) x 2 bunches
  • Veronica (purple/indigo) x 3 bunches
  • Baby blue eucalyptus x 2 bunches
  • Silver dollar eucalyptus x 10 bunches
  • Standard carnations (pink) x 1 bunch
  • Babies breath x 2 bunches

Vendor Love:

  • You Floral of course!
  • Rivkah Photography
  • Andria Lee Winters (Commissioner)
  •  Little Piggy Catering (Happy Hour)
  • Glenwood Meats (pig roast and brisket)
  • Emma JT Beauty & Makeup by Vicc(Bride/Bridesmaid Makeup)
  • Titanium Tents
  • Victoria Party Rentals (dinnerware/tables/chairs)
  • GFL Washrooms (flushing washrooms)
  • M&M Alterations (Bride alterations)
  • Azazie Bridesmaids Dresses (bridesmaids dress)
  • Blush Bridal Boutique (Bride’s Dress Boutique)
  • Miss Stella York (Bride’s Dress)
  • Moores Clothing for Men
  • French Beach Campground (photos)
  • LA Limousine
Shauna & Jason
Shauna & Jason
Shauna & Jason
Shauna & Jason
Shauna & Jason
Shauna & Jason
Shauna & Jason
Shauna & Jason
Shauna & Jason
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