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Blooming Blues: A Guide to Flowers in Shades of Blue!

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Welcome, flower enthusiasts, to a journey through the world of blooms in the serene and captivating hue of blue. While we often associate flowers with vibrant reds, cheerful yellows, and delicate pinks, there’s an undeniable allure to the more unusual, yet equally beautiful, blue blossoms. In this guide, we’ll explore some of nature’s most exquisite creations that come dressed in shades of blue, from the striking to the subtle. The shade of blue isn’t common in nature, so it’s a bit hard to source these colored flowers, but hopefully this guide will help give you an idea of what flowers can meet your blue expectations!


Agapanthus (often referred to as the Lily of the Nile) typically feature large, spherical clusters of funnel-shaped flowers atop long, slender stems. The flowers can vary in color, including shades of blue, purple, white, or pink.









Let’s start our journey with the majestic Delphinium. Known for its towering spires adorned with a profusion of vivid blue blooms, this perennial beauty adds a vertical dimension to any garden or floral arrangement. Delphiniums symbolize dignity and grace, making them a popular choice for weddings and formal occasions.








Blue Hydrangea

No discussion of blue flowers would be complete without mentioning the iconic Hydrangea. While Hydrangeas naturally range in color from pink to purple, their blooms can be coaxed into a stunning blue hue by adjusting the soil’s acidity. These versatile flowers are beloved for their lush, rounded clusters and symbolize heartfelt emotions, making them a cherished gift for expressing gratitude or admiration.

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Veronica is a fantastic choice for wedding bouquets due to its delicate yet striking appearance. Veronica flowers have tall, slender spikes adorned with small, tubular blossoms that add a graceful touch to bouquets. The flowers can range in color from white and pink to purple and blue, providing versatility in bouquet design.

indigo veronica









Eryngium, commonly known as sea holly, is a unique and stunning choice for wedding bouquets. Eryngium’s unusual, spiky blooms and silvery-blue hues add texture, depth, and a touch of wild beauty to bouquets. The thistle-like appearance of its flower heads can create an eye-catching contrast with softer, more traditional wedding flowers.

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The charming Cornflower, also known as Bachelor’s Button, is a wildflower with delicate petals in varying shades of blue. Its vibrant azure hue has earned it a place in folklore and literature as a symbol of romance and fertility. Cornflowers are easy to grow and are often found in meadows, adding a touch of rustic elegance to any floral arrangement.








With its dainty blossoms and delicate charm, the Forget-Me-Not holds a special place in the hearts of many. These tiny blue flowers symbolize enduring love and remembrance, making them a poignant choice for commemorating special occasions or honoring loved ones who have passed.

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Blue Iris

The regal Blue Iris commands attention with its bold, sword-shaped leaves and striking blooms in shades of deep indigo. Symbolizing faith and wisdom, the Blue Iris adds a touch of sophistication to garden beds and bouquets alike, making it a favorite among gardeners and florists alike.








With their ruffled petals and delicate fragrance, have long been cherished for their timeless elegance and versatility. From bouquets to boutonnieres, these beloved blooms have found their way into countless occasions and traditions. They don’t naturally come in blue, but they are easy to spray paint or dye, and we sell them pre-colored this lovely blue hue!

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Limonium, is a lovely choice for wedding bouquets, especially for those seeking a delicate and romantic touch. Limonium features tiny, delicate flowers densely packed on slender stems, creating a soft and airy look.

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Spray Painting Flowers

Design Master is a spray paint specifically created for painting fresh flowers, it is semi-transparent so it doesn’t end up spraying the stem the same color as your flowers.

Dying Flowers

If you want to dry your hand at dying flowers blue (carnations are a good one to dye) you can get the exact hue you’re looking for, we even made a video on how to do it!


From the ethereal Delphinium to the enchanting Blue Orchid, the world of blue flowers is as diverse as it is captivating. Whether adorning wedding bouquets, brightening garden beds, or conveying heartfelt sentiments, these blooms never fail to leave a lasting impression. So, the next time you find yourself craving a pop of color in your wedding bouquet or searching for the perfect gift, consider adding a touch of blue to your floral repertoire. After all, in a world filled with endless shades, there’s something undeniably magical about the color of the sky and sea captured in a single bloom.

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