Peach Hypericum – 10 stem bu

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Peach Hypericum – 10 stem bu


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Flower Details

  • The peach hypericum color will be a peachy/pinkish hue… there is variation in the color so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t look exactly like the photos!
  • Hypericum berries can add a whimsical and textural feel in any floral arrangement.
  • Perfect for bohemian, woodsy, or garden-style arrangements and bouquets.
  • Each stem has a flurry of round berries surrounded by green foliage
  • Available in a variety of fun colors.

Number of Stems

  • 10 stems per bunch (see photo/video for average bunch size)
  • Standard hypericum berries are an average size of ¼ to ½ inch.

Flower Design Type

Flower Care

For general flower care and unpacking instructions, visit our blog post here

Specific Flower Care

Remove any undesirable leaves (feel free to remove the ones that are hiding the beauty of the berries!)

Quantity Help

Recipes are made to be tweaked, but here is a general rule of thumb for quantities of hypericum:

  • Bridal Bouquet: 5-7 stems
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet: 3-5 stems
  • Boutineers: 1 stem
  • Corsages: 1-2 stems
  • Centerpieces: 4-5 stems

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