Orange Alstromeria – 10 stem bu

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Orange Alstromeria – 10 stem bu


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Flower Details

  • Also known as peruvian lilies, these ruffly blooms provide a stunning backdrop for any wedding bouquet or a lush filler flower for centerpieces and arrangements.
  • These are a very cost effective option, they have multiple blooms on a single stems, so it only takes a few stems to fill up a large space.
  • Alstromeria is a versatile variety that comes in many different colours.
  • Long-lasting and low maintenance – Alstromeria can last up to 2 weeks if kept in fresh water.

Number of Stems

  • 10 stems per bunch (see photos to see how big a bunch is)

Flower Design Type

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Flower Care

For general flower care and unpacking instructions, visit our blog post here

Specific Flower Care

  • Alstromeria have a couple unique things about them that are worth mentioning, to ensure that they have a long and happy life!
  • The leaves below the blooms tend to wilt more quickly and can appear ratty. Pull them off when processing for a tidier look.
  • Upon arrival, the colors may appear different and the blooms will be closed. This is completely expected with this type of flower! Follow our simple care instructions in the blog so the flowers can thrive and develop into a stunning addition to your floral arrangements. Check out the video’s to see what alstromeria looks like once they open up (takes 2-3 days)

Quantity Help

Recipes are made to be tweaked, but here is a general rule of thumb for quantities of alstroemeria:

  • Bridal Bouquet: 5-8 stems
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet: 3-5 stems
  • Boutineers: 1 stem
  • Corsages: 1-2 stems
  • Centerpieces: 4-5 stems
  • Large Arrangements: 15-20 stems

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